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In Europe, it was made and drunk by the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Normans, Saxons and Vikings; Julius Caesar himself made mead his favorite drink. In America, the Mayas consumed it with pieces of tree bark and in some of these cultures it was used to praise heroes and those chosen by the gods.

Mead: Method of production

Valhalla mead is a beverage with a long history whose production is based on the fermentation of a mixture of water, honey and yeast, which ferments the product, reaching an alcohol content of around 11°.

The fermentation process consists of several steps: first the must, in this case honey and water, is made and then the yeast is added. This mixture is kept at rest at a stable temperature and humidity while fermentation takes place for several weeks.

Its elaboration is not complex, and like wine, its difficulty lies in the control of all the agents involved in the process, such as the origin and quality of the honey used, the characteristics of the water, the type of yeast, the selection of the appropriate temperature and humidity, the fermentation time, etc.

This is where Valhalla mead differs from other manufacturers of this product. The quality of the honey produced in Spain, the yeast of our own production and the character of the Seville water used in its elaboration, together with a completely traditional recipe, allow us to offer a mead full of nuances and faithful to the taste of its origins.

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