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Team building in Barcelona. 

We are sure that nothing will unite them more than participating in an axe-throwing competition in a special atmosphere and with a beer in hand. 

Our venue in Barcelona, decorated with Nordic and Viking decoration, has everything you need to organize any type of event. We have capacity for 60 people. In our multipurpose room, we have a 3x3m screen for projection and chairs (customized assembly depending on the needs of each event). Empower and generate confidence among the members of your team by inviting them to... Throw axes!

In our team building in Barcelona we take care of everything, we provide the space, the trainers, the axes, craft beer or mead, coffee, breakfasts and personalized catering, from a simple snack, breakfast or a fully customized catering.

We accept groups of up to 60 people. About 50 companies have held their important corporate events in our private Valhalla - contact us! 

If you would like more information about our corporate and group bookings, please contact our team at 626139533 or

GROUP DYNAMICS the axe club

Group dynamics are a basic tool for building trust and commitment in a team. Through group dynamics, it is possible to improve unity and strengthen trust among its members. Our proposal is an attractive and original activity. An Axe throwing competition in which anyone can participate regardless of age or physical condition and that promotes motivation, communication and is an excellent anti-stress therapy.


Axe-throwing teamwork takes participants out of their comfort zone, and it's a lot of fun! From new experiences, new perspectives, renewed spirits, happier and more productive employees are born.


We forget about the stress of the daily routine, we disconnect from social networks and... Do we communicate? Axe throwing encourages communication, dialogue, laughter and builds trust Axe throwing encourages the exchange of ideas and helps to get to know each other better!


Axe Throwing is a sport that helps to release tension and generates endorphins. There are many options to release stress: A yoga session, meditation, athletics, a visit to the therapist or.... Axe Throwing!



During the first 10 minutes our instructors will train you to become real Vikings and the basic safety regulations so that you can practice the launches in complete safety.


After the training, games are proposed according to the number of people and the level of the participants. TOURNAMENT If you are 20 or more participants, we offer you the possibility to organize an axe throwing tournament with prizes for the winner.


And after the battle it's time to celebrate the victory. On our throne you can crown the winner and in our bar area you can enjoy our spectacular range of mead and craft beer, Skål Vikings!


Our facilities in Barcelona have approximately 300 square meters: target area, multipurpose room with projection screen, projector and chairs; bar area and exhibition area. All the decoration is set in the Nordic and Viking culture. You can come to visit us or have a mead whenever you want, the entrance is free. Images axe shot

Our clients TEAM BUILDING:

These are some of the companies that have trusted us to celebrate their corporate events or team building. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us and we will help you adapting the corporate event to your needs and budget. CONTACT THE AXE CLUB