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VIKINGA SHAFT: The favorite weapon of the Viking warriors.

Viking axes were the most characteristic weapons of the Viking culture.

We can classify them into different types according to their design and form of use. The most commonly used materials were wood and iron. The iron piece that formed the weapon included a circular anchor in the form of a ring to introduce and secure the handle.


In the historical period in which we place the Viking culture, the most used material for the manufacture of tools was wood. This tool was used to make an endless number of construction works, ships, houses, wagons... to later extend its use to the battlefield.

Due to the cost of maintenance and the difficult transportation of cavalry, Viking warriors defended themselves in battle from land or sea, in melee fights. In addition, they frequently attacked other ships by boarding, which helps to understand the high number of axes found in archaeological excavations.

In addition, making axes was much more profitable than forging swords. The warriors with less economic resources were able to battle with any tool or farm implements.
Hand axe.

Viking warriors protected themselves with their characteristic circular shields, so that together with a hand axe it was more feasible to split shields or knock out their opponents with a single blow.

The best known is the Norman axe, which incorporates a wooden handle about 1 meter long and a kind of protruding tooth on the blade.

The skeggöx or "bearded axe" also has that characteristic hook at the end of the blade. It is frequently mentioned in Viking legends and has been found in numerous archaeological finds.


Thanks to its demolishing thrust in attack, the Danish or 2-handed axe was widely used in battle. The warriors who opted for the use of this weapon were accompanied by a squire, as they were more exposed to their enemies.

Its origin is in the felling of trees. It is a large axe but thin so as not to compromise its weight. Its length could reach 180 cm). It was a devastating weapon if the enemy did not have cavalry or archers. It caused terror during the battle.


Throwing axes were very light and not widely used because arrows were much cheaper and more effective.

The axe was for the Vikings from a very effective weapon, besides being very useful as a tool to cut wood or perform some daily tasks.

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