axe throwing

axe throwing

Have you heard of axe throwing?

Axe Throwing is a very original, fun and widely accepted activity in countries such as Canada and other Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Axe Throwing was born as a test of skill in which Canadian lumberjacks made known their talent with axes. We may think that they maintained the traditions of the Viking settlers who arrived in Canada around 850, but it is not historically proven.

After a hard day's work in the Canadian forests, the lumberjacks took advantage of the tools and materials they had available: axes, logs and a lot of fun. This is how Axe Throwing was born, it's like darts... but with axes!

Competitions began to be created, first at the local level and later extended to the entire nation and to neighboring countries, the USA.

Axe Trowing shares some similarities with traditional sports or games. It could very well be a traditional Basque game. In the Basque Country, games using axes and logs have been played for centuries by the Basque aizcolaris or lumberjacks. Although the dynamics of both practices are quite different in both tests the skill with the axe is inherent in the participants.

From the forests to the big cities...

The presence of Axe throwing in big cities is increasing and in practically all Anglo-Saxon countries and in Europe we can find indoor Axe throwing ranges, very similar to those dedicated to other sports.

The interest in competitions has led to the birth of international competitions and leagues. There are even digital channels specialized in this sport that broadcast the tournaments. In these competitions there has been an evolution from the traditional game to the regulated practice with approved axes, regulations and penalties that all throwers must abide by.

Now you can enjoy Axe Throwing in Barcelona at our and your The Axe Club.

Have you practiced axe throwing? Do you know the international competitions?


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