family axe throwing

Family axe throwing

Axe Throwing is an original and fun activity to do with the family. As a general rule, families usually get together in a restaurant, go bowling or have a barbecue... what if the next event the proposal is to practice Axe Throwing as a family? It is an original activity that no member of the family will forget and can be practiced by everyone over 12 years old. 15 minutes of training and 1 hour of competition in which everyone will become real Viking warriors!

Should family axe-throwing be the new annual tradition?

Rivalry between siblings or other family members is often present. Whether it's for who got the best grades or who runs the fastest .... there are always competitions! It's time to add one more: Axe throwing. After instruction by our war chief, the battle begins. Who knows.... maybe the axe-throwing will be the thing that settles the sibling rivalry once and for all... or not...

It creates memories, laughter, happiness and fun. Watching the throwers play and cheer each other on will be a memory they won't forget. And all the pictures and videos that can be taken during the battle will become favorites in your family album.

Watching young and old do something new and exciting will be a memory you will cherish forever.

And after the battle let the rush and stress disappear and enjoy some of our more than 20 types of mead or our craft beer in our lounge. Are you up for it? You can book here. We hope to see you soon in our and your Club! Skål!


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