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Team Building: Reasons to choose axe throwing as a group activity.

Axe throwing is a very fun activity that promotes cohesion among participants through teamwork and competition and a good option for corporate events in Barcelona.

After a long day in the office, no employee wants to go to team building in the break room. We are confident that your business is multicultural, multigenerational and brings together people with a wide range of personalities and interests. 

As such, finding an activity that an entire team or office enjoys may seem like an impossible task. But, believe it or not, Axe Throwing is the perfect activity for all ages and interests and encourages team communication.

 Still have doubts? Check out the top reasons why axe throwing is the best choice for your corporate events.

Looking for options for your corporate events in Barcelona?

1. It's a fun way to meet co-workers outside of the office. If you want to meet someone outside of work, just take an axe to their hand and play!

Your true self will come out when you let yourself go and start having fun.

2. Training to improve team cohesion and communication does not have to be a burden, it can be a fun-filled time where co-workers can communicate without the pressures of their usual work environment.

3. You can practice it all year round. In spring, summer, fall or winter, Axe Throwing is an exciting activity that will get your team active. Being indoors, there will be no weather phenomenon to spoil the event during the cold season, and in summer our facilities are at the ideal temperature to get away from the heat of the asphalt for a while. Rain, snow or shine, The Axe Club is ready to foster team spirit.

4. Helps relieve work stress.
There are many stressors at work. Your team may be stressed by deadlines, customer issues, interpersonal relationships, and many more factors. 

Today's pace of life makes us easily forget the positive aspects of work and daily life. There is no better way to get rid of stress than throwing an axe, as hard as you can, at a board that gets cheers from your co-workers when it lands on target.

At the Club we offer you the possibility of including extras in your company events in Barcelona, such as: Training room, projection screen and projector, catering or personalized breakfasts...

Want to know more about our group dynamics and team building?....

Have you participated in fun and original corporate events in Barcelona? Leave us your comment! We hope to see you soon at The Axe Club to share with you our Viking experience. You can make your reservation at the axe club here or contact us here

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