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Safety and training at The Axe Club

Axe Throwing in Barcelona - Axe Throwing

Axe throwing in Barcelona. 

Before starting the activity of Axe Throwing in Barcelona or Axe Throwing in our club, our instructors mark some basic safety guidelines and training so that you can enjoy the experience safely. 

The training lasts approximately 10 min, after which the games begin and the vast majority of our Vikings start to swing axes and enjoy the game without any problems. 

Our instructors will accompany you during the time of the Axe throwing activity in Barcelona to advise you and help you to throw, in case you need more support or to teach you some tricks if you are real experienced Vikings. And remember that to do the activity it is convenient to make a reservation on our website. We look forward to toasting with mead for your victory in the great final battle with you! skål!

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