I National axe throwing Tournament

AXE THROWING TOURNAMENT The axe throwing or axe throwing, is a sport that is having great acceptance in our country. The 1st National Axe Throwing Tournament was held on April 8 and 9, 2023 in The Tomahawk room in Gandia Beach. The representative of our club, Alex de Haro, ...

axe throwing in Barcelona | Safety & Training

Safety and training at The Axe Club.
Before starting the axe throwing activity, our instructors will give you the necessary training so that you can enjoy the activity in complete safety.

Family axe throwing

Axe throwing as a family Axe throwing is an original and fun activity to do as a family. As a general rule, families usually get together in a restaurant, go bowling or have a barbecue... what if the next event the proposal is to practice axe throwing in a family?

Iberian Craft Beer and kombucha "El Abirradero" Iberian Craft

CERVEZA ARTESANA IBERIAN CRAFT Share on facebook Facebook Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Share on email Email The Iberian Craft project began thanks to the concerns of Daniel Fermun Master Brewer of Instituto de Cerveza Artesana/Abirradero/Iberian Craft, and Nereo Garbín, partner of the same companies as Daniel and initiator of the craft beer sector in ...