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MEAD AND Axe throwing | BLOG

We Are Vikings and we've arrived in Valhalla! Come and live your Viking experience!
The Axe Club is much more than an axe throwing club in Barcelona, it is an epic adventure, a place where you can be part of a group of people willing to compete to reach their particular Valhalla, to laugh, enjoy and share unforgettable moments with their companions in battle and life. 

With family, friends or colleagues, Axe Throwing is a sport that promotes communication, teamwork, confidence, relieves stress and increases self-esteem. We organize all kinds of events: Birthdays, farewells, divorces, original dates, gifts, team building, corporate events and company events. Any excuse is a good one to throw some axes and try our mead!

Axe Throwing is an activity that is having a very good acceptance among throwers of all ages and ages.
Our Axe Throwing Club in Barcelona, is set in the Viking and Nordic culture.

In addition, in our Club you can taste our full range of mead with more than 14 types of national wineries. And if you want to know more about this Viking drink, its history or manufacturing processes, visit our blog. 

Our Axe Throwing space is located in Barcelona, in the Sagrada Familia area. We are not proposing you to become Ragnar Lodbrok or Lagherta (or yes), what we want you to do is to come to practice Axe Throwing and to toast with mead, to release tensions of the day to day and of course, to have a great time with your friends, coworkers or your partner and to toast with mead or premium craft beer after the battle.

Come and have a few laughs while you try to throw an axe and hit the bull's eye is an epic plan, fun guaranteed!

And the only thing you have to worry about? Arriving about 10 minutes before the time. Our team of "War Chiefs" will propose you different games after giving you some tips to learn how to throw tips to learn how to throw axes and safety and safety regulations and... The battle begins!

Our experts will be on hand at all times to help you with anything you may need during the 1 h Axe throwing session. After crowning the winner on our throne, you can toast the victory in our bar area, where you will find the best range of mead and craft beer in Barcelona for as long as you want.

 Would you like to toast with mead?

The Axe Club is the perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration or corporate event. We take care of everything you need, your needs and budget: We adapt the space and customize catering and breakfasts. We have a multi-purpose room with a 3x3m projection screen and projector for presentations, courses, etc.

If you want more information about our activity, you can contact us by whatsapp

If you are interested in Nordic culture, axe throwing, axes and mead, be sure to visit our blog. There you can find updated information. We hope you enjoy the contents and we are open to your comments. Thanks for reading vikings!

Axe throwing in Barcelona

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AXE THROWING TOURNAMENT The axe throwing or axe throwing, is a sport that is having great acceptance in our country. The 1st National Axe Throwing Tournament was held on April 8 and 9, 2023 at The Tomahawk in Gandía Beach. The representative of our club, Alex de Haro, was proclaimed as the 1st National Axe Thrower.

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Axe throwing in Barcelona


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axe throwing in Barcelona

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What is axe throwing? AXE THROWING Axe throwing is an activity that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a sport in which participants throw axes at a target with the goal of getting the most axes at the target.

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Last entries mead and axe throwing

Visit our blog for all our news, history, events and training on Nordic culture, mead and axe throwing. Here you can find our latest posts. Thank you very much for your visit viking!