The Iberian Craft project began thanks to the concerns of Daniel Fermun, Master Brewer of Instituto de Cerveza Artesana/Abirradero/Iberian Craft, and Nereo Garbín, partner of the same companies as Daniel and initiator of the craft beer sector in Spain and Bio products in Italy, as well as entrepreneur in all kinds of projects that fight against the dictatorship of the taste of food. Thus, by joining forces, the three of them intend to rediscover the world of fermented foods.

The Iberian Craft laboratory was created with the intention of bringing those unknown fermented products, many of them ancestral, that have always been elaborated around the world and that now through Iberian Craft courses and products you will be able to familiarize yourself with the traditions of their elaboration, both in homes and in small businesses, and thus enjoy again that whole new range of flavors, experiences and health properties that live products give us and that we can hardly find in the food industry.

In The Axe Club we seek to offer our warriors the best craft beer in Barcelona, supported by our friends of "El Abirradero". We have 9 types of craft beer with very different flavors and characteristics and Kombucha, a fermented tea drink that is making a niche in the BIO products market thanks to its taste and properties.

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