mead asgard Axe throwing at the axe club

Asgard Mead Bar and Axe Throwing at The Axe Club

Asgard Mead and Axe throwing at The Axe Club is the perfect Viking experience. Mead Bar
Asgard was born a decade ago at the hands of a young 20-year-old entrepreneur in Barcelona. A lover of Nordic culture, she opened the only Viking-themed store in the country.
Weapons, shields, clothing, accessories such as rings, pendants, earrings, belts. Any curious person passing by the store could take away historical recreation items, Viking crafts, thematic books and mead from various producers.
Yes, 10 years ago, Africa, founder of Asgard, had shelves full of meads from various countries and all the flavors and aromas you could imagine, from traditional meads to licorice, spicy or hemp. Throughout her time at Asgard, she has searched for meads at craft fairs, foreign stores, and once even tasted a Russian mead that had been fermenting in a cellar for 25 years.
On a personal level, even before opening the store, he was already cooking his home-made mead recipes, searching among the scarce information available at the time about this drink, despite being considered the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world.
There were few national producers at that time, and the new ones that appeared, which are now well-known commercial brands, began to occupy their place on the shelves of Asgard. All the experience gained during the first eight years was leaving its mark on that young woman who was no longer satisfied with selling Viking products from other manufacturers, but wanted to take the step of marketing her own mead. 
Years of trials and tastings, mistakes and successes, bore fruit and Africa bet on a change in his life, closed the doors of Asgard with the promise that he would return. And so she has done, on January 1, 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, she launches her most personal and ambitious product, Asgard Mead.
With a purely Viking style, as it could not be otherwise, begins his career as a manufacturer providing all the experience he has behind him. A product made with quality raw material and taking care of every detail.
Among its varieties we have the traditional one, being the sweetest with its imposing drakkar on the parchment label decorated with jute cord, soft and one of those that you say "it goes in well". The dry one, with more alcohol content and a more imposing taste, its parchment label with Odin and his horse Sleipnir, finished with a sealing wax seal with the valknut. The Viking blood, the melomel of red fruits that has just been launched with an intense flavor. Idunn, the turmeric, cinnamon and apple metheglin that they promise will be released in the coming weeks.
Mead Asgard does not intend to be a commercial brand that produces on a large scale, it wants to maintain its own personal seal of an artisan mead. In both its online and physical store, you can also find crafts and related products, as well as a wide variety of honey, up to 22 different types!
Mead Asgard has its factory in Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, a small village in the province of Barcelona located in the Alt Penedés region, known for its great wine tradition, where the best known brands of cava are found. Among the vineyards, the mead of this young
In your club you can find the full range of Asgard mead and drink the drink of the gods while you practice Axe Throwing. Do you have a better plan? Want to knowmore about Asgard mead and Viking store? Visit their website here !

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