BOOTCAMP axe throwing at The Axe Club

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Bootcamp axe throwing at The axe Club with Five Media Clan. One million reproductions on Twitter, 400,000 visits to the Instagram profile and 30,000 views on YouTube. This is the balance of the communication campaign that the Andorran company Five Media Clan, created at the beginning of the year and pioneer in the country in the representation of streamers, launched 15 days ago to present the first two star signings of the company: RickyEdit (Ricardo Moral) and *MateoZ (Mateo Molino). Each has accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views on *Twitch, the leading online streaming platform owned by *Amazon. They operate like a soccer club, hiring streamers and creating content on behalf of FiveMediaClan.

One of their latest projects has been Five's BootCamp, where some streamers have participated in Barcelona in a campus that encourages teamwork and communication.

And what better option than to include our axe throwing activity in Barcelona for the kids to relax, release tensions and get back to the activity? Do you want to know the facilities of their temple in Barcelona? How was their adventure in The axe Club? Do you want to make a reservation? click here.

We leave you a summary in this video!

Tour of the facilities of El Templo Barcelona, site of our first bootcamp and VLOG with Five Media Clan together with streamers and professional Fortnite players.

Follow them at: The Temple

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